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The ISOLfon – SEP is produced in panels made of high-quality, flexible polyurethane foam with a wavy configuration (egg crate). It addresses acoustic improvement and noise control issues in construction and industrial applications in a simple and quick manner.


ISOLFON products of this category include sound-absorbing panels made of flexible polyurethane foam with various surface configurations, in various thicknesses, with different sound absorption coefficients. They address sound absorption and noise control issues in structural acoustic applications and industry in a simple, fast, and cost-effective manner. They are known in the market as "ricofon" or "ricofon."

They are the most common category of foam sound-absorbing materials. (Ricofon type)

Their application is very easy, and due to their flexibility, they can be glued to any surface, offering an easy and economical solution for increasing sound absorption and reducing reverberation time of stationary waves and multiple reflections in rooms with simple acoustic requirements. ISOLFON sound-absorbing materials can also be used to reduce noise and vibrations in industrial applications, such as internal lining of air ducts, soundproof covers for machinery, internal lining of speakers, etc. Ricofon type sound-absorbing products have become widely used in the Greek market in recent decades due to their efficiency and ease of application.

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