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Enhance your outdoor surfaces with VITEX Acrylic Paint, designed specifically for exterior applications. With its durable formula, this paint provides long-lasting protection and a vibrant finish.





PLASTIC SUPER is a fully matt high-quality emulsion paint for interior use. It shows excellent opacity and surface coverage with great workability while applying easily and flowing perfectly. It offers very good adherence to older and new surfaces giving outstanding opacity and very good resistance in washability and shelf-life time. It is almost odourless. The finished surface is a homogenic fully mat result.


PLASTIC REGULAR is a mat emulsion paint for interior use, ideal for older or new surfaces ceilings and walls and common building materials like cemented or plaster boards, bricks or plastered one that more frequent painting is required like public places. restaurants, schools, hospitals etc. It offers a very good hiding power workability and easy appliance very fast drying and low odor.



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