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Laserliner 080.955A Combifinder Plus electronic scanner


With the device it is possible to search specifically for metals such as rebar, heating pipes and water pipes

Single button operation for switching between the different measurement modes

The operating menu on the LC display makes it easy and safe to operate the device

Auto-Calibration: Adjusts the device to different surfaces immediately after switching it on

Auto-Cal Plus: Allows easy limitation of measurement objects in Metal-Scan mode

Acoustic and optical signals for finding objects

The permanent voltage warning ensures a high level of safety

Illuminated display


Spirit Cross Level Laser From BORMANN PRO

The laser beam conducts diagonal line projection for a wide range of level and alignment uses. This flexibility makes it more valuable than a common laser beam. With precision and one-switch operation, all alignment tasks are completed quickly and correctly. The intelligent pendulum system ensures precise alignment. The pendulum system locks when out of power in order to ensure safe tool transport.The strong magnet particularly helps for clamping operations according to the corresponding needs of the user.

  • 2 Diode Laser's Class II.

  • IP54 Protection.

  • Beam Colour Green .

  • Measurement Accuracy ±3/10m.

  • Connector 1/4" Thread .

  • Beam Emmision Angle 130°.

  • Auto-compensation Range : 4° ± 1°.

  • Working temperature: -10 to 400C

  • Working time: 5 hours.

  • Laser wavelength: 520nm.

  • Laser power(H/V): 30mw .



Laser Distance Meter From BORMANN PRO

  • Multi Function

  • Usb Charging

  • Laser Class II

  • IP65 Protection

  • Continuous Measuring

  • Pethagoras 2/3

  • Protective Housing


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